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Krome Kids - from there to here

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Hey Krome Krew,

I'll start this first blog with a little about myself and the brand and how it all got started and then tell you whats in store next for Krome Kids!.......

My name is Heidi, I'm a wife and mum of a 3 year old little boy Riley. Yes he is the inspiration behind the brand!

I started Krome Kids in 2014 when I was pregnant with Riley. I just couldn't seem to find what I wanted in the shops and was a little disappointed with the lack of options for boys so set out to even the score a little.

I have sewing and dressmaking in the blood, most of my female relatives were/are dressmakers. I've always wanted to work in the fashion industry and have designed and sewn for as long as i can remember. I have a degree from RMIT in fashion design and have worked in fashion for about 15 years now in various design, pattern making, dressmaking and couture rolls.

The name Krome Kids comes from a place I don't speak about much but is actually really special and significant. In 2005 I lost my eldest brother in a car accident. He was that big brother who always looked out for you and I miss him daily. He had a business called Krome Entertainment (unrelated to fashion). So I decided to dedicate the brand name and logo (which is a variation on his design) to him.

I never in my wildest dreams thought that this business would grow and be loved as much as it is. And so for your love and support I am eternally grateful.

Up until very recently I've done this business more or less by myself including all the designs, patterns, pattern grading, cutting, sewing, packing, posting, photography, social media etc. But there comes a time when you simply cannot do everything yourself! As hard as it is to admit from a control freaks point of view.... I have to remind myself I am not only a business owner but a mum of a little boy who misses his mummy because she works too much, and a wife of a man who'd also like to spend time with his wife. So as this business is growing  (which I am super excited about) I've had to look at how I can continue to grow and still have a life. 

So, we have outsourced our production to an offshore, responsible supply chain manufacturer. We have not gone into this blindly and have searched and trialed many before finding one I was happy with. We started last season with the denim (which you guys are loving!) and we will continue this season with the most incredible hoodies to match! 

So while I won't actually be sewing each garment myself anymore I will still be doing all the designing, all the specifications, lots of reviewing and perfecting of samples, photography, pack, post, social media etc... 

Now what you guys will get is professionally made high quality garments, more stock available from us and also the ability to get these goodies from your local boutique or e-boutique! Krome Kids is growing and we are very excited! 

Thanks for reading and thanks for coming on this adventure with me!


Heidi x


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